Croft and Diao speak at WPI

In an effort to increase collaborations with other Massachusetts higher-education institutions, Distinguished Professor Bruce Croft and Assistant Professor Yanlei Diao gave talks as part of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Computer Science Department’s Colloquium series.

On April 18, Croft spoke on Text Reuse on the Web. Many people are familiar with the issue of plagiarism using information available on the Web. Detecting duplicate documents has been studied because of its importance to Web search engines. Text reuse occurs whenever somebody “borrows” and modifies facts or statements from a source document and uses these facts or statements in another document. In his talk, Croft considered techniques for detecting a wide range of text reuse, and evaluation of such techniques. He also reported on an experiment to determine the amount of text reuse in news and blog databases.

 “Expressing and Evaluating Complex Event Patterns over Streams” was the topic of Diao’s talk on April 25. Complex event processing (CEP) is being applied in a growing number of stream environments such as financial services, RFID-based supply chain management, and electronic health systems. As the information needs of these applications evolve, there is an increasing demand for event processing involving filtering, correlation, and sophisticated pattern matching. Diao presented the design, implementation, and evaluation of SASE+, a complex event processing system that is being developed at UMass Amherst.