Publication Details: UM-CS-2014-011

Graceful Gross Motor Control: A Curvature-based Velocity Control on Precise Path Propagating Agents

Publication Type:Technical Report
Author(s):M. R. Hebert, R. A. Grupen, M. Rynderman, T. Q. Liu
Abstract:This paper provides a novel approach and real time implementation for velocity methodologies for graceful velocity planning and path propagation. Our approach yields velocity profiles that achieve the maximum velocity along the path without violating specified path tracking precision and maximum velocity constraints. Along with generating reachable velocity profiles, we introduce a methodology to ensure controlled velocity ramp-down to the goal and curvature-based velocity limitations. In addition, we describe techniques for translational velocity and heading error control. We assume smooth paths generated via harmonic function, which distributes curvature evenly throughout the entire freespace and we complement the smooth heading references with smooth, precise, and graceful motor behavior that complies with acceleration constraints. Furthermore, we introduce and implement a path tracking policy that demonstrates distinct advantages. This paper integrates path planning, path tracking, and longitudinal velocity control for smooth and graceful motor behavior. The methods we describe here are not restricted to agents implementing the harmonic path planner but can be extended and generallized to various other global or local path planners.
Submitted on:2014-08-13